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4.6 stars | 510 reviews
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About Us

All of Dallas knows the Trinity Groves neighborhood. It’s the hot place for new restaurants, beautiful sunset views, and fun times. Our founder Phil Romano wanted to build on that unique neighborhood feeling with ArtPark Trinity Groves, a beer garden that’s more than just a beer garden—it’s a place to enjoy life! Here, we offer visitors and longtime residents the chance to sit down, chat, and experience that modern Trinity Groves feel.

We turned an old parking lot into a stylish, modern new beer garden that everyone can enjoy. Visitors from all over can bring food from Trinity Groves restaurants and relax in our outdoor seating area. Just scan the QR code at your table to place your pickup order! For a unique drink, walk right into our upcycled shipping container for a delicious cocktail.

Giving Back To The CommunityRed Adirondack chairs surround a stone firepit, lush green trees provide shade

We’d be nothing without the local Dallas community. Our city’s unique spirit carries through in everything we do. That’s why we’re so dedicated to giving back to the community! We’re the perfect place to gather on football nights to cheer on the Dallas Cowboys. Our menu carries Dallas favorites like the Hoffman Hots. And we’ve opened up our walls to local artists and provided exposure for their amazing artwork.

Everything we do here benefits local artists, visitors, and longtime Dallas residents. Visit us today and see what makes us the culmination of the Dallas spirit.

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4.6 stars | 510 reviews
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